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Our Story

We would like to introduce you to our  brand 

Bloombagz is innovation brand in Gardening industry since 2012 who are focusing on research and development of environmentally soft container products for Urban Garden market and having united teams in China and USA working together for designing, producing, and innovating.

Our main concept is a patented gardening product. bloombagz is used to help accelerate the growth of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers- yielding great results even for those that have a less than green thumb.  Additionally, our product is geared towards those involved in urban gardening and farming, whom may not have the space and/or time for traditional home gardens.


The most important aspect of the product is our double layer, breathable fabric.   It allows for “root trapping” and “air pruning”.  Most importantly this avoids “root ball,” or “root bounding” that one commonly experiences when using a non-arable hard plastic or ceramic container.


Furthermore, we have a host of additional features that further separate us from anything out in the market today. Such as: heavy duty handles, mesh grommet venting system, UV protected, vibrant and earth tome colors, and most importantly a product that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles that is machine wash safe!


Thank you very much in advance for your consideration. We know our product is great.   And we would be so excited to partner with you to help grow our brand in 

“Bloombagz-  Give some love to your plants, and Mother Earth wherever you can find a patch of sunshine!”



The Bloombagz Team

United State & China

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