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Different Lettuce In The World

Gardening enthusiast have time and space, it is better to have a variety of fresh and healthy vegetables!The balcony is sunny and airy, suitable for growing flowers and vegetables. Put a few flower pots on the corner of the balcony, sprinkle some seeds, and you will be able to eat fresh vegetables after a while. For novice vegetable growers, you can pick up simple and well-planted vegetables, such as lettuce. Lettuce has a strong growth ability and can be picked and eaten about forty days after sowing.

There are different kinds of lettuce in the world. Leaf Lettuce, Head Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Sweet Butter Lettuce Seeds, Ball lettuce, Head Lettuce, etc.

Consider and pick your favorite range for beginning to plant with BLOOMBAGZ RAISED BED AND VEGETABLE CONTAINERS.

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