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How to grow potato With Bloombagz?

Step 1: Fill a depth of 10cm (4")or half of potting soil into Bloombagz Growing Bag.

Place a single chatted seed potatoes tuber or the whole small potatoes with the shoots pointing upwards on the soil surface and cover with another 4″of soil.

Step 2 : Place the seed potatoes on the 2nd layer of the soil surface, space evenly.

Step3: Once the plants have grown to about 4-8″and grown another 8’’, please add another nutrient soil to about 3cm (1") below the rim. Repeat this process until the bags are nearly full. Repeat the process until the soil is used about 1’’ below the rim.

Step4: Water regularly and keep moist until the water out from the ventilate stainless holes of the bag.

Step5: Harvest potatoes approximately 3-4 months from planting.

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